HCBG Briefly

HCBG Holding B.V. “HCBG” is a privately owned financial holding company acting under Dutch law, incorporated on 16 May 2003 and headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
HCBG has investments and own operations in banking, art and real estate. Initially formed to bring together group banks under one umbrella HCBG later expanded its scope into seeking out trading and investment opportunities around the globe in the fields of art, information technologies and real estate. Our main focus is to supervise and support existing group companies, as well as to develop new businesses and products to enhance the group's comprehensive range assets.

HCBG Group’s operations include four key segments, namely financial services, art, technology and real estate investments.

The company aims to leverage on its existing experience, know-how and network to realize optimum risk-return deals, to create a diversified portfolio of assets generating stable income in the short term, and to accumulate future value growth potentials for the long term.

It is the blend of vision, experience, teamwork and performance that underpins everything we do. Our ability to supervise and support existing subsidiaries, and to identify right investment opportunities is key to our success. Good corporate governance, professionalism, commitment to ever developing human resources, prudency and honesty are the set of values which define us.